Term 3 in Prep is set to be another exciting and busy term. Our focus this Term in our Investigation time is about design and technology. The curiosity of the children will be tapped into with an engaging incursion called Toys Over Time on the 27th of July. They will be exploring toys from the past, what they were used for, how they worked and what they were made from. New toys today will be explored with the sharing of their favourite toys. Students will design their own new toy or game using a variety of materials. The children will also be working in pairs and small groups to complete design and technology challenges to promote their creativity, thinking, communication and cooperative skills. The Preps will again visit the Kitchen Classroom in weeks 3 and 9 this term. In week 3 on Wednesday the 28th of July Prep B will celebrate 100 Days of schools by dressing up and having celebratory activities. We will conclude the term with A Teddy Bear Picnicwhere students will have a special night at school on the 8th of September to complete some fun activities.


In Literacy students will:

  • revise letter/sound relationships and the correct formation of all upper and lower case letters

  • use a writing checklist to assist in making sense of written work

  • begin Smart Spelling activities with a focus on vowels, blends and digraphs

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of procedural, narrative and descriptive texts


In Numeracy students will:

    • explore the duration of time

    • develop their knowledge and understanding of the place value of numbers beyond 10

    • add and subtract using numbers to and beyond 10

    • use mental maths strategies to solve simple problems

    • explore location and transformation

    • exploring money in play situations

For more information about our exciting Prep program, please see the term newsletter here.