The Preps will commence Term 4 2020 with a fun week focused on their teddy’s and a teddy bears’ picnic.

In Investigations our focus will be Materials, their properties and sustainability. Their interests in relation to this will be built upon and developed through our literacy and numeracy foci. We will firstly explore a variety of materials in the   natural and built environment looking at where they come from, how they are made and used. We will continue our social and emotional learning through SWPBS and the Respectful Relationships lessons. 

In Literacy students will begin writing with greater independence. They will be encouraged to use a writing checklist when writing a variety of texts including recounts, narratives and letters. We will continue to build on our knowledge of the alphabet and high frequency words using the Smart Spelling approach. Throughout the term students will build on their reading skills and strategies in activities involving the whole class and small groups.

 In Numeracy students will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of the place value of numbers beyond 10. They will build on their skills in addition, subtraction and sharing and begin exploring how to skip count. Using play based situations students will explore money and the measurement of: length, mass and capacity.