Performing Arts

At Selby Primary School students are engaged in a developmental classroom performing arts program. Each grade has a performing arts lesson for 45mins a week with specialist teacher.
Through listening, singing, moving playing and creating, students in grades prep to two develop skills in and understanding of, the Musical elements: Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Dynamics, Tempo, Form, Tune and Style.

In Grade One and Two while students continue to consolidate their understanding of contrasting elements in musical pieces greater emphasis is placed on learning how to play and read simple rhythmic notation using a variety of instruments.
In Grade Three and Four children learn how to play the recorder and develop their ability to read music and perform as an ensemble.
Children in Grade Three and Four also have the opportunity to be a part of the school’s choir.
In Grade 5 and 6, students learn the Ukulele and children have really enjoyed learning how to strum chords and develop a wide repertoire of songs on the instrument.

Each year in Term Three, the school musical production is the focus in the Performing Arts across the whole school. Each Grade Six student has a role in the dramatic presentation of the play while each class learns a song and dance routine that is part the show. This is always a highlight of the school year!