Welcome to the Selby Japanese Program. At Selby Primary School, all students from Foundation to Grade 6 learn to communicate in Japanese and to explore Japanese culture every week.

Japanese lessons for Junior School students (F-Grade 2) focus on fun and participation. Children are introduced to new language through songs, gestures, games, picture books and videos. We also focus on Japanese culture and customs by comparing and contrasting Japan and Australia. For Senior School students (Grade 3-6), we use a “Communicative” approach to language learning. Our focus is on authentic, meaningful oral language activities. We also have a range of hands-on cultural activities such as annual Japanese Day, Origami, cooking and puppet making.

Our Japanese Program is carefully prepared based on building up student’s language skills, as well as stimulating their cultural awareness.

Learning languages is not only fun and exciting for students, but also very beneficial. Students can improve their own literacy skills when they learn four vital skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in another language. Also learning a second language is a tremendously enriching experience. This experience promotes cultural sensitivity and lays the foundation for understanding between the people of our multicultural world. There are many more ways that learning another language can benefit our children.

Selby Japanese Master Class
Japanese Master Class is an extra-curricular program at Selby. The class runs with a small number of Grade 5/6 students (8 students selected each semester) and these 8 students attend the class weekly for two terms.  The aim of this class is to extend their language ability in Japanese. We also want to further develop their Japanese cultural knowledge and experience.


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