A place to belong

Welcome to Selby Primary School

Selby Primary School aims to provide a broad-based education, balancing academic and social growth and fostering the development of each student as a growing, learning person, able to embrace change while retaining fundamental values. Selby Primary School aims to improve the learning outcomes of all students.

Our Values:

Selby Primary School places a high importance on relationships with all members of the school community. The following values provide a basis for our everyday interactions with each other:

  • Respect – caring about ourselves, others and the environment in which we live and work
  • Resilience – bouncing back from setbacks, keeping things in proportion and learning from mistakes
  • Personal Best – having a go, trying our best at all things and striving to improve in order to achieve personal best
  • Confidence – developing self esteem, an open-minded attitude and a positive outlook on life