Welcome to Prep in 2021! 

We are very excited to start teaching this year’s students and have so many fun and educational experiences planned for them. 

Term 1 for the Preps is about settling into the school environment and learning the daily routine of school. The tasks are based around making sure the students are happy and beginning to form friendships with their peers. As we get to know each other we will be having a focus on our ‘Identity’ in a unit of work called ‘Me and My Family’. Through the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) approach students will be taught and recognised for their demonstration of our school values; Personal Best, Resilience, Confidence and Respect.

The students will engage in a range of hands-on activities related to our weekly content during Investigations. Investigations is a great time for the students to develop their social skills and independence while engaging in their own interests.


In Literacy students will: 

  • develop their understanding of written and spoken language 
  • explore rhyme to develop phonemic awareness (listening to sounds)
  • use their experiences to begin shared writing and class sentences
  • use the Smart Spelling Program to learn the names and sounds of the alphabet including the formation of lower and upper- case letters using hands on activities.
  • use shared reading to promote learning for pleasure
  • make connections between letters, words and sentences
  • recognise high frequency words (M100W) by beginning with the Golden Words
  • begin regular take home reading books with familiar and repetitive text


In Numeracy students will: 

  • count in sequence 0-10 
  • match names, numerals and quantities
  • make dot patterns
  • count groups of objects
  • learn about the different days of the week and months of the year
  • explore 2D shapes and 3D Shapes
  • learn the language used to describe their own and others location (Behind, in front, next to, under, on top etc.).

For more information about our exciting Prep program, please see the term newsletter here