Senior School

Level 3 and 4 at Selby have joined together to form a dynamic and fluid unit. The combinations of composite classes across curriculum levels was overcome by uniting the levels together so that the children can all experience meaningful and purposeful work outcomes. Our curriculum is based on inquiry based learning where the children investigate, form ideas, plan together, design, create and produce outcomes.

They develop their skills of problem solving, formulating plans, sharing ideas, communicating and developing their understandings through open ended tasks. Activites related to specific topics or themes are provided for the children that enable them to work at their own skill level and provide challenges that will extend them in all areas. Sharing of ideas, and applauding and celebrating work is a high priority within the level.

Children are provided with the opportunity to experience work challenges in all learning styles so that they will become well rounded and appreciative of other students strengths and weaknesses.

We plan our work around a solid curriculum basis while also providing activities that enhance each child’s personal learning ability. Working to a high standard, persisting, persevering and being responsible and indpendent workers and citizens is always emphasised in our classroom activities. We want chidren to be responsible for their own learning and be mindful of how success is achieved through a positive and stimulating learning environment.