Leadership Program

As part of our Year 6 Leadership Program each Year 6 student will hold one of the following leadership positions:

School Captains
Art Captains
Computer Captains
Environment Captains
Science Captains
Music Captains
House Captains

Every Thursday afternoon the Year 6 students will have the opportunity to plan and run mini lessons for the Year 1/2 students. The lessons taught are Science, Music, Art, Computers and Environment.

Our House Captains run a sport program for the Year 3/4 students aimed at teaching a range of different sports as well as focussing on teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Grade 5/Preps Buddies Program

The Buddies program at Selby Primary pairs a Grade 5 student with a Prep student. Every Thursday afternoon, during the school’s leadership time the buddies get together for activities. The Grade 5 buddies love helping their Prep buddies to feel safe at school and really enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for learning, as well as developing a  

Student Council

Each class in the school elects a student representative each term. Our School Captains work with the other members of the Student council to arrange fundraisers for worthy causes as well as ways to improve the school. Our students are full of amazing ideas, always keen to begin fundraising for worthwhile causes.


So far in 2019 the Student Council has organised a fundraiser for the local relief centre as well as for a local animal shelter. The students have also identified that the toilets are an area that they would like improved and have worked with the Principal in arranging for new floors to be installed in the toilets.