Selby Primary School is a member of the Stephanie Alexander Pleasurable Food Education Program. The purpose of the program is to introduce pleasurable food education to children during their learning years and aims to positively influence their food choices for life.


The aim of our Kitchen Classroom Program is for our  students to be excited about seasonal, healthy cooking and engaged in cooking dishes that introduce them to new flavours and ingredients.

The program is designed to be fully integrated into other areas of the curriculum. All  students have the opportunity to reinforce aspects of their learning in the twice termly cooking sessions.

Teamwork is encouraged as the students work in small groups with a parent helper. They prepare and cook their recipe, wash up, set the table and clean up after themselves.

One of the most important and popular aspects of the program is when the students sit down together and share the food that has been cooked.

If you have a working with children’s check and would like to volunteer as a parent helper for your child’s session, please follow this link-

Kitchen Classroom Parent Helper