YEAR 5/6

During Term 4 of 2020 we will be learning about texts that persuade, entertain and inform. The Year 5s will be using their persuasive writing skills in their speeches for Captain roles for 2021. The Year 6s will be writing and practicing their Graduation Speeches. All students will engage in a creative writing Poetry unit. Our grammar focus will be on different parts of sentences, and we will continue to study spelling combinations in our SMART spelling sessions.

In Mathematics this term we are consolidating students’ prior knowledge in shape, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, chance, BODMAS and patterns. We will be utilising real-life examples to demonstrate the relevance of these topics, so that students understand the reason behind and the usefulness of the skills being taught. 

We will also be finishing our previous Multicultural unit by investigating world cultures before moving on to a series of mini-units based on Science and Economics.