YEAR 5/6

Production rehearsals are in full swing with Grade 6 students learning their lines and practicing their scenes while the Grade 5s focus on fundraising for next year’s Canberra Camp. We will also be getting back into our interschool sport with Division Athletics, Cross Country, Lightning Premiership and Soccer all taking place. Add to this an exciting classroom program and we can expect Term 2 to be a action-packed experience for our 5/6s!


This term our over arching topic is Geography. We will be exploring the similarities and differences between Australia, Europe and Asian Countries in relation to how people live, their access to services and how they trade. Students will also gain an understanding of how landscape, climate and position in the world affect trade and increase or decrease the likelihood of different natural disasters.


This term we will be reviewing and building on our understanding of Persuasive and Informative texts. We will also be solidifying technical aspects of writing related to these genres such as building persuasive paragraphs. In reading students will be investigating the Authors purpose, identifying and articulating the main idea and working on their inferencing skills.


In Mathematics this term we are looking at consolidating skills within the areas of multiplication, division, fractions, data representation and interpretation and measurement. Students will be exposed to a mixture of explicit teaching and inquiry based projects.

For more information about our 5/6 program, please see the term newsletter here