YEAR 5/6

We hope you had a wonderful break and ready to start Term 3 refreshed and renewed! We have a busy term planned and can’t wait to get stuck into some exciting learning opportunities. Production rehearsals will continue with the big show fast approaching. While the Grade 6s are perfecting their performances the Grade 5s will continue to work on their fundraising for Canberra camp, as well as developing their own unique games in our Games unit. We anticipate an active term with several inter school competitions such as Hooptime and Lightning Premiership.



In Term 3 our Inquiry topic is Creativity’. This year we will be combining this unit with our Term 4 topic of Sustainability’. Students will be investigating these topics through a unit called Go Green or Go Home’. Students will be begin by learning about the environment and the current challenges that the world is facing. They will investigate sustainable living and come up with creative ways to solve environmental issues when designing and building a home.


This term we will be learning about texts that inform, instruct and entertain. They will begin to consider how their audience might impact the tone of their writing as well as solidify grammar concepts learned throughout Semester 1. Students will continue to engage in a variety of activities during reading rotations, including Author Studies, Guided Reading, Text Analysis and Speaking and Listening tasks.



In Mathematics this term we are consolidating studentsprior knowledge in division, 3D shapes and nets, mapping and grids, money and financial maths and angles. We will be utilising reallife examples to demonstrate the relevance of these topics, so that students understand the reason behind and the usefulness of the skills being taught. Our Mathematics lessons will comprise some abilitybased group work and some openended inquiry tasks.

For more information about our 5/6 program, please see the term newsletter here.