YEAR 5/6

We hope our 5/6s are ready for an action-packed term that includes team-building and BMX incursions, learning about who we are, the return of Kitchen Classroom, Family Life and, of course, our camp to Portsea!


This term we are exploring identity in our unit, ‘Who Am I’? Throughout the unit students will be asking the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘Who do I want to be?’ and ‘How do I become that person?’. They will be investigating their personal histories, their strengths and challenges and then developing a plan for future improvement. 


In Mathematics this term we are looking at consolidating number skills with a focus on place value before moving onto the four pro-cess (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Students will learn at their point of need and apply their skills to real world sce-narios and investigations. 


This term we will be reviewing and building on our understanding of Recounts, Narratives and Persuasive texts. Students will be thinking about what makes a great writer and how they can adopt the traits of good writers in their own work. In Reading we are enjoying our class book, Wonder by RJ Palacio, a story that delves into questions of identity and links with our Inquiry unit. We are working on setting up good reading habits by understanding how to select Good Fit Books, increasing our reading stamina, learning about what kind of reader we are and making connections with the texts we read. We continue with our SMART spelling program which students will complete in-class. 

For more information about our 5/6 program, please see the term newsletter here