YEAR 3/4

In Grade 3/4 literacy sessions are held daily, with students given work that is catered for students individual needs. Guided reading sessions will be linked to our Inquiry Learning Subject Focus as well as a range of other areas to further develop students skills. Group tasks will focus on developing the student’s level of reading comprehension. Students will have the opportunity to participate in different    reading groups with rotations varying between working within their own class and working with the other 3/4 classes. 

In writing this term there will be a focus on recounts and poetry. These topics will be broken into their individual components to develop a thorough understanding of the text structures. Our spelling program will focus on a weekly sound, blend  or rule with various activities based on reinforcing/learning their individual weekly spelling words.

In our Mathematics sessions we will have a strong focus on the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as these skills are essential for all other areas in maths. Time will be spent each day practicing Times Tables and other mental maths strategies.

Our Inquiry Unit is focussed on History and examines Australia both pre and post colonisation. Students will learn how Indigenous Australians lived before settlement and the impact that settlement has had on their way of life, convicts, The First Fleet, Explorers and how settlement occurred throughout the 1800s.