YEAR 3/4


This terms integrated studies focus will be Can You Make It?”. This unit will focus on Design and Technologies, introducing students to the design process and allowing them to make a range of structures for different purposes. Students will work towards developing deeper understandings that they can present in an end of term project.


Literacy sessions are held daily with tasks catering for students individual needs. Guided reading and writing sessions will link to our Inquiry Focus and the development of student knowledge of the different text type. Reading tasks will focus on developing reading comprehension strategies utilising Café Reading alongside the Victorian Curriculum. Writing this term will focus on the genre of Procedures as well as revisiting text types through a Writing Project. These genres will be broken into their individual components to develop a thorough understanding of the text structures.


Students will continue to explore maths concepts and extending their understanding. Our approach to maths combines explicit teaching of concepts with various openended activities to maximise engagement and understanding. This term, we will look at the topics multiplication, division, location and transformation, data and measurement. We encourage students to explore lots of different strategies and approaches to solving problems. It is most important that students have a strategy to solve problems that they are comfortable with. There is no rightway of solving problems. Parents can be a wonderful resource in supporting their students to learn new strategies and to consolidate understandings.

For more information about our 3/4 program, please see the term newsletter here.