YEAR 1/2


The Creativity Inquiry focus in Term 3 for the Year 1 and 2 students will be Are You Game?’.

Students will develop their problem solving, creative thinking, design and collaborative skills by comparing games from the past with the present. With this knowledge students will design and create their own games.

This term we have planned an incursion to introduce the students to robots and programming. Students will be using Bee Bots to learn simple sequencing and directional robotic language. They will create an obstacle course and then program their Bee Bot to navigate it successfully.


Students will:

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of letter/sound patterns using the SMART Spelling Program

  • develop their knowledge to identify nouns, adjectives, verbs and prepositions

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of when to use capital letters, full stops and other types of punctuation

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of prefixes, suffixes plurals and simple sentences

  • participate in explicit reading and writing sessions

  • read and create their own Explanation and Procedure text types while practising selfediting skills to improve their writing

  • practise a range of CAFÉ reading strategies: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary

  • practise correct pencil grip, letter formation, shape and size.


The mathematical topics to be covered this term are; Multiplication and Division, Area and Perimeter, Location and Transformation, Fractions and Counting Patterns.

At the commencement of maths lessons there will be a ten minute focus on developing automatic recall of number facts.

For more information about our 1/2 program, please see the term newsletter here.