YEAR 1/2


The Inquiry focus in Term 1 for the Year 1 and 2 students will be Building Relationships’. As we get to know each other we will learn about our families, relationships, identifying our personal strengths and emotions and how to make positive choices. Our Inquiry sessions will give students the opportunity to learn cooperation, creativity and how to compromise and negotiate whilst working in a team. We have organised a Team Building incursion on Tuesday, February 15th which will focus on building their communicative, empathetic, and resilience skills through a series of funfilled activities.


In our Literacy lessons, students will consolidate and further develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. They will prac- tise a range of CAFÉ reading strategies (Comprehension, Accuracy, Flu- ency and Expand Vocabulary), and develop their knowledge and un- derstanding of letter/sound patterns and high frequency words. We will investigate common and proper nouns, adjectives, verbs and ad- verbs and further develop their knowledge and understanding of sim- ple sentences. When handwriting, students will practise correct letter formation, shape and size.


The mathematical topics to be covered this term are counting, place value, 2D shapes and 3D shapes. We will focus on consolidating knowledge of numbers, developing automatic recall of number facts and strategies to solve problems.

Mathematics lessons will incorporate explicit teaching, games, explo- ration, skill development and practice, goal setting, and problem solv- ing, to encourage persistence and confidence.


For more information about our 1/2 program, please see the term newsletter here.