YEAR 1/2

In Term 4 2020 the Year 1/2 students will explore the whole school Inquiry focus of Courage through an integrated unit titled ‘Under the Sea’. They will investigate and question how courageous people and living things show courage to explore new places and events. They will use this understanding to recognise how they can challenge themselves to experience and learn new things.

In English students will participate in whole class, small group and individual activities to develop both their Reading and Writing skills. Information Reports, Expositions (Persuasive) and Transactional texts will be studied this term. The students will continue to learn new spelling patterns and rules using the SMART Spelling Program.

In Mathematics students will commence each lesson with a quick automaticity task to increase their automatic recall of addition. They will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and simple fractions. Collection of data from which graphs can be created to explore a question of interest and make observations will also be a focus this term.