YEAR 3/4

Welcome back for Term 1 2021. 3/4 is sure to be full of fun and we are very excited to make the most of fantastic learning opportunities. 


This terms integrated studies focus will be “Where I Belong”. This unit aims to provide students with an understanding of how rules and laws are made in a democratic society and how individuals fit into the community within different groups. They will identify how the different groups they belong to shape who they are. Together the 3/4 students will work towards creating a project that will benefit the whole school community.


Writing and Reading tasks will be linked where possible to our Inquiry Learning focus: Identity—Where I Belong. 

Literacy sessions are held daily with tasks catering for students individual needs. Guided reading and writing sessions will link to our Inquiry Focus and the development of student knowledge of the different text type. Reading tasks will focus on developing reading comprehension strategies utilising Café Reading alongside the Victorian Curriculum. Students will participate in reading groups within their own class and at times with the other 3/4 class. In writing this term the students will be explicitly taught the structures of explanations and persuasive texts. We will continue to follow the SMART spelling program with a focus on a weekly sound. 


During Maths lessons we aim to foster an enjoyment and appreciation for Maths. Students will develop their understanding of place value and the processes of addition and subtraction. We will direct the students to broaden their knowledge of different strategies and approaches to apply when answering problem solving tasks. Other concepts we will cover this term include ordering numbers to 10,000 and the units of time. 

For more information about our 3/4 program, please see the term newsletter here